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Wolds GC - TSC

The Wolds Gliding Club is home to the Two Seater Competition (TSC).  Like all good ideas it was born in a pub and developed as quickly as the beer flowed!
Originally the Two Seater Competition was between two gliding clubs and it nearly died in its infancy.  The first year had one flying day with the winner landing 4km from Pocklington, on the way out!  However Yorkshire men are nothing if not persistent.  Things could only get better.
Quickly the idea took on new momentum as other clubs were invited as well as individual pilots. Even overseas visitors joined in.  Always held at the Wolds Gliding Club in Pocklington the competition progressed from these humble beginnings into the nationally acclaimed competition that we proudly host today.
So, what is the secret of this success? It's's you the competitors, your crew, your friends and your families coupled with your spirit, your generosity and your desire for bringing light hearted fun into this competition.  At the Wolds we do more than provide a platform for that spirit, we ensure that other less fortunate people also benefit.
What is special about TSC?
• Pocklington Airfield with its two massive runways.
• The Wolds Gliding Club with arguably the best facilities in the country.
• The Vale of York and beyond with its huge flat fields....just in case!
• A variety of tasks each day to suit all types of gliders and levels of pilots.
• A unique scoring system to match this "multi-task" approach so that wood can, and does, beat glass.
• Yorkshire hospitality both on the airfield and the many local villages and hostelries.
• Plenty of local attractions for the odd scrubbed day.
• Excellent on site catering.
• Large on site caravan and camping area.
• An organisation with over 26 years experience of hosting and running TSC.
TSC does not attract only the experienced, it is also an ideal venue for club pilots to bring and compete in their club two seaters.  Also an excellent opportunity for instructors to bring ab-initio or early solo pilots and give them a taste of what cross country flying in a glider is like.  Prizes are awarded daily and at the end of the competition in various classes such as wood and lower performance classes, the hot ship class and the yet uncontested open cockpit and junior classes.
Recently TSC has taken a second important focus.  That is being a caring competition that tries to benefit other less fortunate people.  Each year an adopted charity benefits from the amazing generosity of our visitors and competitors.  However above all we host a competition built on fun, friendship and family spirit where old friends and new meet year after year, tell the same stories and have the same commitment to two seater gliding.